Making convenience is what we always research

A next-generation solution for mobile smart work
A true Smart Work world that you can handle your business with a perfectly integrated mobile service of a web and a mobile without restrictions of place and time!
Implementation of a moving office
Implementation of a smart work environment with a decision making function for a corporation with a lot of traveling time, an information sharing function, and a collaboration tool.
A web based software compatible with any device.
Improvement of business efficiency due to prompt process of work with an alarm service.
Reduction of cost and time through enhancement of communication within a corporation.
Various customizable options for each user
Many Push service
- If my today's schedule is pending.
- If I have to document approval.
- If I did not write work diary before work off 1 hour ago.
- If I receive a cooperation work on individual.
- If I have information to acceptance until today.
- If you are away from the office schedule today.
- If you have not yet checked the commute today.
- If there is a reply in approval documents.
- If your settlement is rejected.
- If you received an e-mail.

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