Manage your employees with our unique human resoures system

A successful e-HR system
An e-HR system that provides an optimized, differentiated HR service in accordance with characteristics of a corporation
Systematic management of human affairs
A system beyond the conventional, basic-level data processing executed with generalized tools(Word, Excel) for human affairs.
Systematic and integrated management for document history of human affairs.
Operatioanl value such as Reporting enhanced by various statistical analysis tools .
Simplified personnel business for an administrator
A convenient evaluation/reward process performed within the system.
Efficient communication among employees with a self-service system.
A compensation process for an employee based on a performance management system.
Strengthened strategy support and planning in HR department
Reduces burden on employees casted with handover of personnel management.
Concentrate on HR strategic planning.
Makes an efficient environment for a strategic business using statistics and simulation tools.
Improvement of a change management system and employee satisfaction
Takes a role of a Communication Channel as a tool of a change management system for an employee that corresponds to a transition in a personnel system.
Improves user staistfaction with a self-service function that guides how to manage individual performance evaluation and career development.
Individual performance evaluation system
Increasees executive ability of an individual performance evaluation system and induces succesful settlement of it.
Manages performance result of a unit of a team or an individual by harmonizing their objectives.
Conclusively, improves business performance of a corporation.

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